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・Console Commands
15.10.07 10:49 Uhr • written by nietzsche

Open Console

You can open the console by pressing '`' or 'ö' in the german version. You have to press [enter] at the end of every command.

Join Server
open , e.g. open

?AdminPassword=: Append to the end of the command line argument to start the server.

Example: ut3demo server DM-Heatray?numplay=8?maxplayers=8?timelimit=20?goalsc ore=40?botskill=3?AdminPassword=FakeAdminPW -login=FakeUser -password=FakePassword

Command list

> God - enables god mode
> Allweapons - all weapons
> Allammo - full ammo
> fly - you can fly
> ghost - n/a
> walk - n/a
> playersonly - nothing moves except yourself
> fov x - field of view to x, e.g. fov 120
> stat fps - shows your frames per second
> stat net - shows your ping
> killbots - removes bots from the game
> addbots x - adds x bots to the game
> shot - takes a screenshot
> setsensitivity x - sets mousesense to x
> suicide - well ...
> stat engine - for the rendering info.
> disconnect - disconnects you from the current server
> reconnect - reconnects you to the last server
> exit - quits the game
> demorec [name] - records a demo, demoplayback isn't enabled in the demo
> demoplay [name] - demoplayback isn't enabled in the demo
> adminlogin [password] - login to the current server, e.g. adminlogin FakeAdminPW
> adminlogout
> adminkick [playername] - kicks a player from your server, e.g. adminkick WarTourist
> adminkickban [playername] - kicks and bans a player from your server

Removing a restriction on a banned player can be done by modifying the utgame.ini file for the server. This is stored by default in C:_Documents and Settings_My Documents_My Games_Unreal Tournament 3 Demo_UTGame_Config.

> adminchangemap [mapname] - changes the current map, e.g. adminchangemap DM-Heatray

summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_darkwalker_content

summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_hellbender_content
summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_cicada_content
summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_fury_content
summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_paladin
summon utgamecontent.utvehicle_nemesis

Slow Volume
summon utgamecontent.utslowvolume_content


If you type loaded into the console on the map DM-ShangriLa you can test the translocator aka x-loc.

Benchmarking Your System

MAPNAME?causeevent=FlyThrough?quickstart=1?nocusto mchars=1?numplay=0 -seconds=300 -unattended -novsync -fixedseed -CaptureFPSChartInfo=1 -nomoviestartup