Interesting Things in the Localization Files

Interesting Things in the Localization Files


; Mutator Names


;[UTMutator_Arena UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
;Description="Default weapon pickups in a level can be substituted with a single weapon."

[UTMutator_BigHead UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Big Head"
Description="Head size depends on ratio of kills to deaths."

[UTMutator_NoOrbs UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="No Orbs"
Description="No Orbs in Warfare."

[UTMutator_FriendlyFire UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Friendly Fire"
Description="Friendly fire damages teammates (50 percent of full damage taken)."

[UTMutator_Handicap UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
Description="Provides armor and weapon bonuses to losing players."

[UTMutator_Instagib UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
Description="Players are equipped with a one shot kill instagib rifle, and all pickups are removed from the game."

[UTMutator_LowGrav UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Low Gravity"
Description="Gravity is reduced."

[UTMutator_NoPowerups UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="No Super Pickups"
Description="Removes all super pickups (Shieldbelt, Power Ups, Megahealth, Redeemer) from the game."

[UTMutator_NoTranslocator UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="No Translocator"
Description="The Translocator device is removed from the player's inventory."

[UTMutator_Slomo UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Slo Mo"
Description="Slows the game down."

[UTMutator_SlowTimeKills UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Kills Slow Time"
Description="Time slows down for a moment every time you kill an enemy (instant action only)."

[UTMutator_SpeedFreak UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Speed Freak"
Description="Speeds the game up."

[UTMutator_SuperBerserk UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Super Berserk"
Description="Players fire at Berserk speed for the entire match."

[UTMutator_Survival UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
Description="Spectating players spawn into the match after current players are killed (for the Duel gametype only)."

[UTMutator_WeaponReplacement UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Weapon Replacement"
Description="Default weapon pickups in a level can be substituted with different weapons."

[UTMutator_WeaponsRespawn UTUIDataProvider_Mutator]
FriendlyName="Weapons Respawn"
Description="Weapons respawn instead of always being available."